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bring justice to the fatherless
- Isaiah 1:17 (ESV)
Child Help International
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We unite churches around the globe for one purpose:                                                     
                           the sake of the fatherless.
Street children, children orphaned by disease, war, or abandonment, children considered unadoptable, these are the children CHI seeks to save from hopeless situations.

Child Help International has successfully united with churches and NGOs in Kenya (1 Children's Home), India (2 Children's Homes), Southeast Asia (2 Children's Homes) to take on the call of the orphans and join their forces in order to provide a safe and loving family to the neediest of the orphaned and widowed. Through our partnerships, over 80 children are orphans no more. 

All our ministries and partnerships are made possible through generous donors, child sponsors, and church support. Thanks for helping CHI reach the neediest of the needy!

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